"Nurturing Mindset

Inspiring Excellence"

to shape brighter generations and life long learners

thinkBRIGHT Academy

thinkBRIGHT Academy aspires to influence and positively impact multiple generations, aiming to instill open-mindedness, resilience, and a forward- thinking mindset across various age groups.

We create a nurturing and educational environment that emphasizes both emotional and intellectual development for children, parents and society.

We nurture learners to


be Thoughtful

Encourage learners to approach challenges and information with critical thinking and consideration.


be Healthy

Promote physical and mental well-being to ensure learners are in good health for effective learning.


be Independent

Foster independence in learning, empowering students to take control of their educational journey.


be Nurturing

Cultivate a supportive and positive learning environment that nurtures individual strengths and fosters a sense of community.


be Knowledgable

Provide a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base, equipping learners with the information and skills they need to succeed.


We nurture learners through


BRIGHT PROGRAM is designed to equip your child with essential LIFESKILLS, boost SELF CONFIDENCE, enhance EMPATHY and promote HEALTHY relationships. It’s more than just Academic SUCCESS; it’s about nurturing your child’s Emotional intelligence for a brighter future!

At thinkBRIGHT Academy, we transform SCHOOL HOLIDAYS and SPECIAL EVENT DAYS into exciting, enriching learning adventures! 

After-school care services offer a wide variety of experiences from academic to extracurricular activities (ECA) and the BRIGHT program for social and emotional experiences.

For SJKC/SK school children Std 1 to Std 6

thinkBRIGHT teaches all key literacy components in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence. 

Offers various enrichment classes through collaboration with program partners who are aligned with our values and beliefs.

Reflection for parents on their own child/ren

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

Is your child consistently anxious, worried, or stressed?

Do they have a poor attention span and struggle to focus on school or daily tasks?

Is your child finding it difficult to manage time and complete tasks?

Do they lack self-confidence or have a negative self-image?

Do they find it difficult to ask for help or communicate their needs?

thinkBRIGHT Academy

We can honestly say that the teachers are all of top quality with genuine interest in trying to help our son's progress academically. We also notice an emphasis has been strongly built on his personal growth to be a more responsbile & caring person. We are really glad and happy to have our son here. We know our son is in good hands.

Parents of Ang Xu Hao

(10 years old)

Truthfully, Think Bright Academy is not like any typical transit/daycare. The amount of effort that the teachers put in to actually plan out the “syllabus” and activities is beyond anyone’s imagination. From homework guidance to life skills coaching, the activities offered in Think Bright Academy actually brings out the full potential in my child.

Parents of Danial Syafiq

(9 years old)

I am pleased with their after school care service. The program not only offers a safe and structured environment but also fosters a sense of empowerment and growth for the children. My children (yes, two of them) look forward to each day spent there, engaging in enriching activities and building friendships. Thank you, thinkBright for your dedication and commitment to our children's well-being.

Parents of Cadence & Caitlyn

(7 & 9 years old)

Managing our children's homework alongside our work commitments was a daunting task until we discovered Think Bright. Sending our kids there has been a game-changer. Beyond academics, Think Bright fosters a balanced approach with engaging activities like baking and handicrafts, nurturing creativity while ensuring learning through play. Moreover, our kids have formed lasting friendships and learned valuable social skills. Think Bright truly offers a holistic enrichment experience.

Parents of Xun Ee & Owen

(8 & 10 years old)

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