thinkBRIGHT Focus Classes

“Is your child feeling left behind in class? Struggling to keep up with the pace? 📚✏️ Our FOCUS Classes at thinkBRIGHT ACADEMY are here to bridge those gaps and boost confidence during the school break!
For who ? SJKC school children (Std 1 to 6)
📅 Date: May 27th – May 30th, 2024
⏰ Time: 11am – 1230noon (1.5 hours)
📍 Where: 18-1, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/8E, Putra Heights
🔍 What we cover:
Writing in Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu (Master formulas and score higher)
Fractions/Multiplication/Division (Grasp concepts for easier calculations)

💰 Fees: RM20 per session or RM60 for all 4 sessions
Don’t let your child fall behind! Enroll now and give them the edge they need to excel. Experience an After School Care like never before! 💪

您的孩子在课堂上感到落后吗?跟不上学习进度吗?📚✏️ thinkBRIGHT ACADEMY 的 FOCUS 班级将在学期间帮助弥补这些差距并提升信心!
适合对象:SJKC 学校的学生(1至6年级)
📅 日期:2024年5月27日 – 5月30日
⏰ 时间:上午11点 – 下午12:30(1.5小时)
📍 地点:18-1, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/8E, Putra Heights
🔍 我们的课程内容:
– 中文和马来文写作(掌握公式,取得更高分数)
– 分数/乘法/除法(掌握概念,计算更轻松)

💰 费用:每节课 RM20 或 4节课 RM60

现在就报名,让您的孩子领先一步, 并且让他们脱颖而出的优势。体验前所未有的课后托管服务!💪
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