Bright Program

BRIGHT PROGRAM is designed to equip your child with essential LIFESKILLS, boost SELF CONFIDENCE, enhance EMPATHY and promote HEALTHY relationships.

It’s more than just Academic SUCCESS; it’s about nurturing your child’s Emotional intelligence for a brighter future!
BRIGHT program is used as part of the After School syllabus and school holiday workshops targeting 6 to 12 years old learners.

Bright Program

At thinkBRIGHT Academy, we use the BRIGHT Curriculum  that focuses on the following components







BRIGHT Program Workshops

At thinkBRIGHT Academy, we transform SCHOOL HOLIDAYS and SPECIAL EVENT DAYS into exciting, enriching learning adventures! Our BRIGHT Program customizes workshops for children aged 4-6 and 7-12, ensuring tailored experiences for every age group.

Plus, we partner with fellow entrepreneurs to bring collaborative and innovative workshops to life!

thinkBRIGHT Space

thinkBRIGHT SPACE offers After school care services, tuition , homework coaching and Bright Program for SJKC and SK school children

This a second home to children and to nurture children with high emotional intelligence with good self-control, resilience and empathy through our BRIGHT program which will elevate your child’s academic performance.



At our Distinctive After School Care center, we excel not only in academics but also in equipping your child with essential life skills for their future. We provide a growth mindset and skills beyond academics through:

  • Tuition 小学班补习 (Aligned to KSSR for SJKC & SK school, focusing on 5 core subjects)
  • Homework coaching 功课辅导
  • Exciting learning adventures through BRIGHT PROGRAM 课外活动
  • Safe & comfortable learning environment 安全舒适的学习环境
  • Healthy & nutritious meals 健康午餐及下午茶
  • Experienced and caring teachers 有经验与爱心的老师
  • Motivational support & healthy social interaction 激励支持和健康的社会互动
  • Reading Class 阅读班
  • Transport Arrangement 安排交通服务

building blocks of our phonics program

thinkBRIGHT teaches all key literacy components in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence. Areas studied include:

  • Letter recognition, letter sounds and letter writing
  • The 60+ essential digraphs in the English language (i.e. letter combinations that produce a new sounds, e.g. ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘tion’)
  • Spelling rules
  • Sight words (i.e. words for which no common rule can be taught, e.g. ‘said’ and ‘eye’)
  • English Grammar
  • Comprehension

thinkBRIGHT @ Enrichment

We offer various ENRICHMENT classes through collaboration with our selected program partners who are aligned with our values and beliefs.

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